Premier Veins

The client’s challenge

Premier Veins is a Birmingham-based private healthcare service that provides effective walk-in-walk-out varicose vein treatments. We first began working with them in 2019 when they came to us for support with their PPC marketing. Although they had been running Google Ads PPC campaigns for some time, they recognised that tighter campaign management would help them to achieve better results. 2C also identified that Bing is a popular search engine with Premier Vascular’s target audience. So, we recommended trialling Bing Ads alongside Google Ads.

As we developed further insights into the brand’s digital marketing activities, we identified that our website design and build, content and creative and social media marketing services could help Premier Veins to:

  • Boost their PPC further
  • Improve their visibility and click-through rate for local SEO
  • Turn more website visitors into leads

Services used:

Long-term Google Ads and Bing PPC management

Audit, SEO copywriting and content writing, photography and web development

Blogging and social media strategy and delivery

“It’s been a real pleasure dealing with Sara and the team. Sara is a personable professional, with a keen eye for detail, and it was her qualities that gave us confidence in the quality we would get from working with 2C.”

Nick Richards, Director – Computer Geeks

The Process

Phase 1 - Website improvements
  • Reviewed and fixed conversion tracking to enable accurate and relevant data collection and analysis.
  • Implemented Google and Bing campaigns.
  • Daily monitoring of campaigns and monthly reporting on performance and strategy adjustment recommendations based on analytics data.
  • Implementation of recommendations and continuation of monthly review and refinement cycle.
Phase 2 - Website improvements
  • Audit of website content, SEO, user experience and user journey to identify ways to improve traffic quantity, quality and conversion rates.
  • Implementation of audit recommendations.
  • Monitoring of website update impact on PPC campaign performance and local SEO.
Phase 3 - Content Marketing
  • Develop a content marketing strategy for blogging and social media marketing.
  • Implement the content strategy.
  • Monthly monitoring of campaigns and reporting on performance.
  • Quarterly performance audit and review of strategy with adjustment recommendations based on analytics data.
  • Implementation of recommendations and continuation of monthly reporting and quarterly review and refinement cycle.

The results...

Phase 1 - PPC

Google Ad Words

When comparing the five months of PPC data before the campaign to the first five months of the campaign, there was a:

average (mean) increase in conversion volume
average (mean) increase in conversion rate
average (mean) increase in cost per - conversion

Bing Ads achieved the following average (mean) results over the first four months:

• 3 Conversions per month
• 2% conversion rate

What does this mean?

The Google Ad’s campaign raised conversion volume and conversion rate statistics, which shows that the website traffic was of a higher quality than in previous months. Most importantly, 2C achieved a cheaper cost-per-conversion, and in turn a higher ROI. The Bing Ads campaign showed similar successes. Although both campaigns showed strong results, we looked for ways to improve PPC results even further and boost the success of other channels, including organic search. We recommended conducting a website audit to identify SEO, user experience and user journey optimisation opportunities that would improve traffic quantity, quality and conversion rates.

Phase 2 - Website improvements

1. Copy-edit written content to:

  • Be easier to scan and digest
  • Align with user search intention (be more obviously relevant)
  • Improve visibility in local SERPs for relevant search terms
  • Answer the target audiences’ questions

2. Reorganise the website structure and navigation

Adding clear calls to action on every page to improve the user experience and create a clearer user journey.

3. Build a blog page and create and implement a blog and social media strategy to:

  • Improve SEO
  • Increase brand awareness and trust
  • Reach new audiences and keep existing audiences engaged
  • Help move target audiences along the sales funnel
  • 4. Build brand trust

    Adding strategically placed testimonials across the site and replace stock images with images of the Premier Veins team.

    5. Create an optimised Google My Business profile

    Helping to improve Premier Veins’ chances of ranking high in local SERPs and appearing in Google’s top 3 listings in the local pack.

    The statistics below reveal that the website updates had a significant impact on performance in comparison to the previous period:

    increase in sessions
    increase in conversions

    This can be largely attributed to paid search (sessions increased by 265.45% and conversions by 700% as a result of the website improvements) and organic search (sessions increased by 528.99% and conversions by 325%).

    The website performance analysis also highlighted that Premier Veins’ social media traffic and conversions could be improved. We therefore recommended working with 2C to develop and implement a data-informed blogging and social media strategy.

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