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Dr Will’s


Industry: Food

Client name: Dr. Will’s

Bio: Dr. Will’s are manufacturers in healthy, natural condiments including tomato ketchup and mayonnaise, both online and in stores such as Waitrose and Holland & Barrett.

Website: www.dr-wills.com


  • Improve website visibility and click-through rate for SEO.
  • Provide a better website user experience.
  • Turn more website visitors into leads.


“Excellent experience – did a great job of the SEO, keeping me informed all the way through the process. The website is in much better shape as a result. Would definitely recommend!”

Liam White, CEO and Co-Founder – Dr. Will’s


tickboxes for monitoring and reporting

SEO Consultancy

Our website and SEO audit identified the following optimisation opportunities which we upskilled the Dr. Will’s team on, who later implemented:

  • Rank website copy and meta data for relevant keywords.
  • Increase page load speed and cross-device functionality.
  • Make information easier to scan and digest.
  • Improve website indexing/site mapping and fix re-directs.
  • Ensure web copy relevance and highlight company and product USPs.
  • Strengthen calls-to-action on each page.
  • Post engaging SEO-optimised blogs on a monthly basis.
  • Create performance reports to measure KPIs and shape digital strategy.

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