Social Media Marketing

Engage with new and existing quality audiences and build trust in your brand.

What is social media marketing?

There are two forms of social media marketing: organic and paid (also known as “sponsored”). Organic social is the use of networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter to build and engage an online community without paid ads. The goal is to produce and post frequent, high-quality content that generates interest and trust in your brand. Paid social refers to paying social networking sites to display advertisements and sponsored posts that reach specific audiences for a particular purpose.


We tailor our services to meet your needs, so this is entirely up to you. If you have the resource to produce the content and imagery for your social channels, we will gladly distribute them for you. Alternatively, we can create branded stock content, photography and videography based on your website and your brief. We also provide a blogging service, which can be tied into your social media strategy.

As much as you like. You can provide us with a social media strategy, our consultants can support you to build one or we can create one for you. You can check everything before it is published, or you can save feedback for our quarterly reviews.

Long-term, no, but we do set a minimum term of three months. This is because it can take time to see the results of your social media campaigns. We provide you with a monthly report to keep you fully in the loop with your campaign, and we will highlight and adjust anything that we feel can perform better for you.

We accept bank transfers and encourage our clients to set up a monthly standing order or direct debit to ensure that payments reach us on time, and we can keep your account up-to-date. You can find full details of our payment terms in our Terms and Conditions document.

Benefits of organic social…

It’s free!

Organic social uses free tools that allow you to build fan bases, interact with followers and accounts that you follow, and share content.

Boosts website traffic

Sharing blog content can dramatically increase website traffic and help grow subscriber lists.

Brand awareness

When you post regular high-quality content, it gives you free brand exposure, and you can reach new audiences.

Audience engagement

Engaging in individual conversations with your followers will create active communities who share your content and trust your brand.

Brand authority

Sharing original, quality content and industry insights can position your brand as an influencer and a thought leader.

Data insights

You can gather meaningful audience data to inform and strengthen your digital strategy.

Our social media marketing services

2C’s social media team can help you to plan, deliver, monitor, and develop your social media strategy. We use tried and tested methods to grow quality follower bases and engage relevant audiences. And because every business is unique, we tailor our services to suit your needs, goals and budget.

We work with the following social networking platforms:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn


Set S.M.A.R.T social media marketing goals that align with business objectives, identify meaningful metrics, research your competition and audiences, and audit existing channels.


Every post supports your strategy. We create shareable blog content, downloads, on-brand imagery and videography that drive valuable engagements and interactions.


Our automated scheduling service will save you time and give you a consistent social presence. We use sophisticated tools that identify the best days and times to publish your posts for optimal engagement.

Community engagement

Meaningful interactions build relationships and trust in your brand. We will share your community’s news, respond to their comments and answer their questions.

Social listening

We track your social media networks for mentions and conversations about your brand, your competitors and your industry. These insights help us to fine-tune your content and manage your brand reputation.

Reputation management

Build consumer trust and credibility and improve search rankings through transparent and positive engagement.

Monitoring and reporting

We tailor monitoring to the metrics defined in your strategy. Our easy to digest reports track performance data and identify opportunities for refining your social media activity.

Not sure which social channels to use?

No problem. We can support you to develop a social media strategy that uses the most effective channels and delivers the right content for achieving your business goals.

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