Monitoring & Reporting

We believe in transparency and helping you to make sense of your data. Our monitoring and reporting services allow you to make data-informed decisions that guide your digital strategies and achieve your business goals. We present these insights to you in reports that are easy to digest, understand and action.

Our monitoring and reporting services

2C offers a comprehensive range of services that can be integrated and tailored to meet your digital marketing needs.


We choose analytics tools that provide the most relevant data for your campaigns. Our data analysts can support you to:

  • Set up and configure your tracking platforms
  • Track and analyse data to assess campaign performance
  • Adjust your campaign strategy in line with analytics insights


We work collaboratively with our clients and want you to make informed decisions based on campaign data. So, we share our insights and recommendations with you and invite you to contribute your ideas and preferences for developing your campaign.

We accept bank transfers and encourage our clients to set up a monthly standing order or direct debit to ensure that payments reach us on time, and we can keep your account up-to-date. You can find full details of our payment terms in our Terms and Conditions document.

Target audience insights – Bringing the horse to water

Before you can target your digital campaigns, you must first understand your audiences. Who visits your site? How did they find you? What do they buy and why? 2C can help you attract the right horses and encourage them to drink.


We use a combination of first- and second-party data to gather audience insights such as:

  • Their online profiles – demographics and buying behaviours
  • The search terms that they use to find your products and services
  • The digital channels, devices, platforms and content that your target audience prefers to engage with



Our PPC, SEO, content and social media specialists create targeted campaigns based on Stage 1 insights.


We continue to track, review and fine-tune your campaigns.

Website optimisation – Making the horse drink

When your website design provides a positive user experience (UX), your horse is more likely to drink. We can help you create a site that engages your users and turns visits into conversions.

2C uses a 3-stage optimisation approach:


We use our knowledge of UX and analytics tools to analyse your website data and identify its strengths and opportunities for improvement.

We scrutinise metrics such as:

  • Organic and paid traffic sources and conversion rates
  • Search engine positioning
  • Competitor and market analysis
  • User journey pathways and calls to action
  • Branding and design
  • Content strategy and quality
  • Site speed and load time
  • Bounce rate and page exit times
  • Cart abandonment
  • Page performance and alignment to search terms



Our team of web developers, designers, copywriters and SEO experts get to work. Armed with our analysis, they create and implement strategies to optimise your website’s user experience and its conversion pathway.


We continue to track, review and fine-tune your website.

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