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First off, a massive shout-out to all our amazing 2C readers – welcome back, dear friends! It’s been a wild ride these past few years, filled with exciting new services, fantastic clients, ground-breaking projects, and a website makeover that’s all about you, our cherished users. So, pop the kettle on, get out the good biccys and make yourself comfortable, as we spill the tea on what 2C Digital Marketing has been up to!

New Services, Clients and Projects

We’ve always championed a data-driven approach – it’s in our DNA. Monthly PPC reports became our treasure maps, revealing hidden opportunities and areas for improvement within our client’s digital strategies. Instead of just sharing these insights, we felt a responsibility to provide the services ourselves. Enter our new offerings: website design, development and maintenance, SEO, blogging, social media and consultancy packages. Now, we can support the entire digital user journey, aligning strategies seamlessly. And guess what? We’ve welcomed new clients like Premier Veins, The Birmingham Haemorrhoid Clinic, and Dr. Wills, with projects that are making waves – check out our success stories here!

New Team Members

Expanding our services meant expanding our team! Meet Vik Martin, our web developer extraordinaire, and Maria, our social media guru. We’re a match made in digital heaven, collaborating on projects like Premier Veins and The JL Collective. And as for me, Sara, I have a new hat – not just handling PPC but also leading SEO. It’s a recipe for success, as seen in Premier Veins’ user-centric website, blogs and social media posts – check them out!

New Website and Branding

While we’ve worked across a range of industries, our hearts beat faster for the service sector, especially healthcare and legal. This affinity has influenced our website rebrand. We wanted a professional yet lively look, showcasing our innovative and personable approach. Our website is now a navigation breeze, a mental “tick box” for users, and a testament to our commitment to authenticity. Take a peek and let us know what you think!

What’s Next?

2C is in full growth mode! Our case studies demonstrate our digital prowess, and we’re eager to showcase these successes to prospective clients. We’re here to help businesses reach new digital heights – whether you need an agency or a consultancy. And hey, why not build a rich network of marketers to share thoughts and expertise along the way? The 2C newsletter is your go-to for staying up-to-date and finding a creative safe space. If you’re nodding along, join our digital tribe today!

So, there you have it – a whistle-stop tour of our recent developments. We hope it’s been worth the wait, and we’re buzzing with excitement for what lies ahead. 2C is firmly back on the digital marketing scene, so if you’re interested in our services or just fancy a chat, give us a call on 0117 329 1717. We can’t wait to chew your ear off about all the digital innovations we have in store! 🚀📈🌐

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