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Grace: My Week At 2C

My week at 2C Digital Marketing was hugely insightful and eye-opening when it came to the digital marketing industry. Being an English student at UWE, I had little experience when it came to applying the written aspect of my course in a real working environment. However, throughout my week at 2C, I have gained a depth of knowledge and practise in the copywriting field, which will no doubt help me to get my foot in the door in my next venture.

Immediately upon arrival, I realised that this was not going to be the stiff office environment I had been anxiously anticipating. It soon became evident that 2C worked in a modern and innovative way, within a comfortable and easy-going setting, enough to make anyone feel at ease.

I was set to work straight away by the Director Sara. My first assignment was to write a piece on the top digital marketing blogs in the industry, which helped me to learn the basics of digital marketing from the get-go. Subsequently, I wrote a blog on 2C’s one-year anniversary and re-wrote copy for their social media bios. While these tasks were in relatively familiar territory, I was also pushed out of my comfort zone, writing website copy and social media posts for their current clients as well as a copy for their new SME social media package.

Throughout my week at 2C, it became increasingly evident that this was an extremely up-and-coming agency. During my stay, both the team and website were undergoing stages of expansion, and I was made to feel a part of the excitement for what their second year was to bring. Sara is wholly committed to her interns having a well-rounded experience and gaining in-depth knowledge – you won’t be making teas or filing on this placement!

Overall I really enjoyed my week at 2C, and  would highly recommend taking part in one of their placements. It is not exclusively for those wishing to pursue a career in digital marketing, it would also be beneficial for those who have an interest in copywriting, social media or public relations. 2C has well-equipped me for future opportunities as not only has it given me an insight into the digital marketing industry, but a glimpse at the working world as a whole.

A huge thanks to Sara and her team, and I hope to work with 2C again in the future!

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