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4 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency: In-house vs Outsourcing

Congratulations – if you’re reading this you’ve probably discovered the glorious benefits of digital marketing. It’s quite likely that you’ve allocated a budget to keep the SEM and social media wheels turning. Exciting times ahead. Perhaps now you’re facing the hiring conundrum of in-house vs agency. So, which is it to be?

OK, 2C is a digital marketing agency so you know what we’re going to say – come to us, we rock, in-house sucks! Sure we’re biased, but we really do understand the benefits of working with a paid search partner, as do our clients.

Here’s 4 big reasons why businesses choose us over growing their own team:

1. Specialism

There’s no ‘on the job’ training costs when you hire us. We’re ready to roll, fully fledged and certified. We don’t just come with the ‘we’ve passed the course’ stamp either. With experience across a wide range of accounts from different industries, with different objectives, and across different platforms, we’ve tackled most things. This is our full-time job – we’re efficient, we know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve got the time and energy to devote not only to your campaigns but to researching and mastering the most effective SEM and social media tools too. We’re well connected. We’ve got access to tried and tested talent to cover all aspects of your campaigns. Copy writing? Check. Graphic design? Check. Web development? Check. Video production? We’re on it.

2. Cost

Hiring an agency to manage your digital marketing is cheaper than developing an in-house resource. Here’s how: No employee costs When you hire an agency there’s no holiday and sick pay, pensions or committing to salaries, no software to buy or office space to find. Just switch us on and off whenever you need us. Save time Time is money and digital campaigns are all-consuming. They require commitment and constant management. Other business tasks can be impacted by running PPC, SEO and social media campaigns. It’s an in-house juggling act with the potential to become a circus. We, however, know where to focus our efforts and our dedicated account managers don’t have any other distractions – your campaign is our priority. Maximise your budget It can be easy to fritter money away on a pay-per-click campaign, especially when you’re learning. A digital marketing agency knows how to manage and update bid prices and optimise targeting to make the most of your budget.

3. Reporting

Those end of month reports will be a thing of the past – we take them off your hands. Our reports are tailored to your business goals, look mighty pretty with meaningful graphs, and provide key insights. You don’t need to understand PPC, SEO or social media – we present figures that speak for themselves. And to make sure you’re fully prepared for that monthly board meeting, we’ll run through it all with you on the phone.

4. Assurance

When you hire 2C, you know your digital campaigns are well taken care of, leaving you to focus your time elsewhere. We’ve got one goal in mind – to make your campaign a success. It’s what keeps us in business after all. So you see, digital marketing agencies really do rock. If you want to work with a specialist, reduce costs, have a partner you can rely on and leave reporting to us, please get in touch.

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