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Monitoring & Reporting

Measure your success and make data-informed decisions

Without data, you are a deer lost in the headlights – you cannot determine if you are achieving your digital marketing objectives, what is and isn’t working well and how to make improvements. Our analysts can support you to:

  • Set-up and configure your data tracking platforms
  • Track and analyse data to assess your online performance in accordance to your business goals and budget
  • Adjust your online strategy to reflect these analytic insights


We work collaboratively with our clients and want you to make informed decisions based on campaign data. So, we share our insights and recommendations with you and invite you to contribute your ideas and preferences for developing your campaign.

We accept bank transfers and encourage our clients to set up a monthly standing order or direct debit to ensure that payments reach us on time, and we can keep your account up-to-date. Contact us to find out more.

Our monitoring & reporting services

2C offers a wide range of monitoring and reporting services to help you get the most out of your data. Our 3-step process includes:


Set-up and configuration:

We set-up, configure and review your tracking tools to ensure that you are capturing data correctly, and on the most appropriate platforms.


Tracking and analysis:

Using the data in step 1, we assess your online performance in accordance to your digital marketing objectives.
Our analysts scrutinise metrics such as:

  • User demographics – age, gender, location
  • Traffic sources – organic, paid, social media, email
  • Search engine positioning
  • Competitors and the market
  • User journey pathways
  • Content strategy and quality
  • Website bounce and page exit rates
  • Cart abandonment and conversion rates

Reporting and refinement:

We use our analysis in step 2 to create performance reports that are easy to digest, understand and implement. These include your digital strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and can be used to fine-tune your strategy and benchmark future activity against.

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2C is a creative, innovative and effective digital marketing agency that offers monitoring and reporting services across Bristol and the rest of the UK.

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