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2C Digital Marketing helps businesses in Bristol and beyond to spend less and grow more. Using current digital methods, we focus on the full user journey to bring you a high return on investment. Our talented team has a shared approach: we build relationships based on transparency and partnership, and we use innovation and specialism to drive performance. It’s what makes us 2C!

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Strategy and planning, web design and development management, pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimisation, social media marketing and digital marketing training.


Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Level 4 Marketing Communications CIM Diploma.

“Throughout my career as a certified SEM marketer, I have come to recognise that there are 4 key ingredients to achieving and exceeding my client’s expectations — partnership, specialism, innovation and transparency. These principles shape 2C and challenge the norms of the digital marketing scene.” – Sara

How did I get here?

Having completed a degree in Law, you could say that I am analytical by nature and that digital marketing was my calling.


My time as a PPC account manager taught me that I LOVE the instant data that comes with this form of digital marketing. Spotting trends, trialling and testing, optimising and reporting on results is extremely rewarding when you’re an analysis geek! I could also see that PPC was really shaking up the SME scene. Top page results on SERPs were no longer just for the big names with big budgets. SEO had to watch its back!


I wanted to widen my scope. Yes, I was in love with PPC, but I knew it formed part of an integrated strategy that I wanted to understand. So, I immersed myself in strategy and planning, paying close attention to content and how the puzzle fits together. PPC had already given me an understanding of marketing principles such as target audience and competition, etc, but I wanted to get under the skin of a multi-channel integrated approach. By discovering how different channels could support each other, I was able to build strong campaigns based on the user journey.


PPC and SEO are closely related, and an integrated approach requires knowledge of both. It was time for me to get to grips with SEO. The role of social media grabbed my attention here. I developed expertise in social media management and enjoyed learning about blogging and video content creation. These information-rich messages offered a contrasting marketing approach to the simple text or image ads of PPC.


I had learned that the right audience will click through to your site when you target and engage with quality content, but what happens next? Achieving marketing objectives largely depends on the website and its functionality. It doesn’t matter how sharp your campaign is, if your website disappoints or doesn’t work as it should, you’re throwing money down the drain. So, I joined the project management side of design and build. Here I learned what works, what doesn’t and how to create effective websites that supportcampaign goals.

Why Choose 2C?

2C is all about helping you to get the most from your digital marketing campaigns whilst enjoying the journey along the way. We don’t just want to meet your expectations, we want to exceed them.

Our four core values of partnership, innovation, specialism and transparency guide how we work and shape our services.

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